Monthly Direct Debit Pre-Payment Plan

Normally, whenever you purchase oil from any fuel supplier you have to pay the bill on delivery or within a very short period of time following delivery. Whilst heating oil is a low cost source of fuel it can be difficult paying for it all in one go or trying to budget for the cost of it when you don’t know exactly how much the next delivery will cost.

Our Monthly Direct Debit Pre-Payment Plan allows you to spread the cost of your home heating oil consumption over the next 12 months. We simply agree your projected heating oil usage for the next year and calculate a fair and reasonable monthly payment that will reflect your projected usage. We will then collect the payments directly from your bank account on the same day of each month. Then, when your account has accrued enough credit, you can order the heating oil you need when you need it without having to worry about any large bills arriving that have to be paid all in one go.

To find out what your monthly payments are likely to be you can use our interactive tool below.

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Monthly Direct Debit FAQ’s

Q How does the plan work?

You estimate the cost of your fuel usage over the next 12 month period and divide this into 12 equal monthly payments which we collect by Direct Debit. Once your Payment Plan has built up the required credit balance you can then place an order for your oil and we will deliver to your home.

Q How are the monthly payments calculated?

This depends on how much fuel you use over a 12 month period. Using our interactive tool, simply select your best guess of how many litres you have used in the past year in the ‘Estimate the annual quantity of oil you use’ box and press ‘Calculate My Monthly’ to get a monthly payment amount. This payment amount is based on today’s fuel prices as nobody knows the future cost of any fuel.

Q I’ve never used oil for central heating before so I don’t know how much I’ll use?

As a rough guide, the average household will use 2,300 litres per annum. If you find that you are using more or less than this amount then we can amend your monthly payment as required.

Q How will I know what the balance is on My Account?

Statements are issued quarterly on the 31st March, 30th June, 30th September and 31st December, or, alternatively you can call or e-mail us and we’ll let you know your up to date balance.

Q Will my payments ever change?

From time to time we will review your account balance and fuel usage and bearing in mind the trend of fuel prices at the time, if we feel you are paying too much or too little each month, we will amend your monthly payment accordingly. We will inform you of any change before we take your next payment.

Q What are the options available for payment dates?

Direct Debits are taken from your bank account on either the 14th or the 28th of the month, you choose whichever date best suits your circumstances.

Q How soon can I order oil after starting my Payment Plan?

If this is the first time you have ordered oil then you will need to pay for your first delivery and then set up your Pre-Payment Plan. As soon as account reaches the Minimum Credit Balance you can then place your order

Q What is the Minimum Credit Balance?

Your Minimum Credit Balance is calculated as follows;
Total Value of Your Next Order – (Your Monthly Payment x 2) = Minimum Credit Balance
For example, if you’re monthly payment is £75.00 per month and a 1000 litres of heating oil costs £450.00 then you account needs to have a credit balance of £300.00 before you can place an order 
[i.e. The maximum debit balance allowed on your Pre-Payment Plan after you place an order is Your Monthly Payment x 2]

Q What if I haven’t reached my Minimum Credit Balance by the time I need to place my next order?

If you don’t have sufficient funds in your Pre-Payment Plan then you will need to either top-up your account up to the Minimum Credit Balance when you place an order, or, you can reduce the quantity of your order to suit your available funds.

For example, if you’re monthly payment is £75.00 per month, your Payment Plan has a Credit Balance of £200.00 and 1000 litres of heating oil costs £450.00 then you can either;

Top up your Payment Plan with a deposit of £100.00 to reach the Minimum Credit Balance of £300.00 and order the 1000litres,


Take your Payment Plan balance of £200.00, add the next two Monthly Payments, £75.00 x 2 = £150.00, add them together and you can place an order for £350.00 of fuel**

[** Please note that the minimum volume of fuel we can deliver is 500 litres]

Q What is the minimum amount you can deliver?

The minimum legal amount for a fuel delivery is 500 litres. This quantity is set by the Weights and Measures Authority as quantities below this level cannot me measured accurately by the metering equipment on any delivery tanker. Furthermore, it is not cost efficient for us to deliver any less than 500 litres without charging a very uncompetitive unit rate per litre.

Q Why can’t I just order oil now and start paying for it each month like my other utility bills?

Other types of utility companies supply their goods or services down a cable or pipe on a monthly pay-as-you-go basis that either you or they can stop or cancel at any time without the need to return the goods or services.

Fuel Oil is different because when you order heating oil you are being supplied, in bulk, with on average up to 6 months of fuel in advance and in delivering these high value products in such large quantities we incur high up front transportation costs which we cannot defer. Therefore, the cost and operational consequences of reclaiming, transporting and returning oil back into our storage facilities should you unexpectedly cancel your Pre-Payment Plan with a debit balance makes this option financially unfeasible for us. In addition to this, we have strict terms of trading with some of the UK’s major oil refiner’s which we need to adhere to so this means that it would be uneconomical and imprudent for us to allow customers to spread the cost of their deliveries over an extended period in arrears.

Q Why do I need to confirm that I am purchasing the fuel for my own domestic purpose?

The Pre-Payment Plan is only open to domestic customers who will use the fuel to heat their own homes. We also need to know this to make sure you pay the right VAT rate for your fuel

Q Why do you need to know my Date of Birth and whether or not I own my home?

We are required to ask these questions by whichever Credit Reference Agency we may request to make searches on our behalf.

This information, together with your name and address, helps protect us by checking the identity of any prospective customer that is requesting any form of financial credit from us. Asking for this information makes it more difficult for criminals to use false names and addresses, or to steal the identities of innocent people in order to procure goods. Identity checking is an important way of fighting money laundering and other criminal activities.
Unfortunately, we have to refuse any application by applicants with a CCJ, low credit rating or no credit history.
These Credit Reference Agencies will record details of the search whether or not your application is approved.

Q What if my application is declined?

If your application is declined we will return the original documents back to you.

Q I have already had my order delivered, can I pay for it in monthly installments by Direct Debit?

No, you will need to pay for your last delivery in accordance with our General Terms and Conditions of Sale which applied when you placed the order and then set-up your Monthly Pre-Payment Plan

Q Will signing up to the Payment Plan cost me anything?

No. There are no additional costs to you as a customer, we bear all the costs of setting up and running the Pre-Payment Plan

Q Can I still place an order via the website if I sign up to the Pre-Payment Plan?

Yes, an option will appear on the ‘Select Payment Method’ page whereby you can request to place your order on your Monthly Direct Debit Fuel Pre-payment Plan*

(* subject to the plan having the Minimum Credit Balance available)

Q What fuels are included in my Payment Plan?

Only Kerosene and GasOil used for heating your own home can be included in the plan

Q What if I move house?

If you move house and your new home has oil fired central heating then your payment plan can move with you.

Q What if I want to stop or cancel my Payment Plan?

If you want to cancel your Payment Plan you will need to confirm this in writing. We will then refund any credit balance on your account back into your nominated bank account. If there is a debit balance on your account then we will close your account once the outstanding amount is paid in full. Any balance due on your account and any future orders will be subject to our General Conditions of Sale.

Q I have another question.

If you have any questions which we have not listed here then you can send us an e-mail and we’ll answer your query as soon as we can.

Contact us

Q How do I apply?

Simply Log On or Register to use our website, calculate your monthly payments, then, once you are happy to proceed, click on the 'Get Application Form' link and complete in the Application Form and Direct Debit Mandate on your screen.

Print all the documents, keeping an additional copy for your own records, then send the original Application Form to us and we’ll do the rest.

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